crontab, ufw and the missing path

I’ve got a server with a web site which sits behind Cloudflare, so I have a daily script in root’s cron that grabs the current list of Cloudflare IPs and updates the ufw config so only Cloudflare can get to apache2. It’s a wordpress site so I’m a little scared of idiots doing idiot things. Ever since I ran it, for some reason it throws an error ERROR: problem running sysctl when it runs ufw status verbose. [Read More]

Pastebin Grabbing Badness

While doing some threat hunting I found a server reaching out to pastebin (this was over an hour): src_ip=<ip> url=hxxp://pastebin[.]com/raw/<snip> count=34 It wasn’t a long running process, but it certainly happened a lot. The paste content was, which looked like a typical CNC control message. netstat wasn’t doing it, so lsof to the rescue! I ran this on the server: sudo watch -n1 lsof -n -i:80 -i:8080 -r1 -sTCP:^LISTEN | grep -v <ip>:http | tee -a ~/pastebin-find. [Read More]

F5 LDAP Fix for V14 Upgrade

Have you upgraded to v14 and Active Directory/LDAP auth to the appliance admin stopped working? Try running this: tmsh modify auth ldap system-auth check-roles-group enabled save sys config Seems that there was a change in how group enumeration happens, and this fix sorts it. You don’t need to reboot or anything, it just works. [Read More]

Logstash and Filebeat Templates

A pretty cool and easy to follow article on configuring filebeat to monitor your Ubuntu/CentOS boxes from Burnham Forensics is pretty cool. Though, I do have to question any article from a security professional that includes the following line: Elevate to sudo if not done so already: sudo su … let alone in an article about logging! :) [Read More]

Dystopia Daily Rundown

While job seeking I’ve been reading the LinkedIn Daily Rundown; I’m not normally one for business news, but it tends to be a good quick thing to catch up on. Today’s instalment was particularly dystopian. Like your job? Sadly it could be automated sooner than you think, according to a new Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report. Not surprising, really - there’s a lot of process work and drivers out there. [Read More]

Banksy and Authenticity

A great writeup on how Bansky handles authentication of his artworks. So Banksy created a not-for-profit company, Pest Control, to sell and authenticate his works. The process is fiendishly clever, as Will Ellsworth-Jones writes in his book ‘Banksy: The Man Behind the Wall’: Now, for £65 you can get your Banksy print authenticated. And just to keep the whole thing as jokey as possible, the authentication certificate has stapled to it half a ‘Di faced tenner’, a £10 note faked by Banksy with Lady Diana’s face on it. [Read More]

PlaidCTF - Can You Guess Me

A friend asked me for help with this one. I hadn’t planned on doing the Plaid CTF but I’m easily dragged into a neat programming challenge. can you guess me Misc (100 pts) Here’s the source to a guessing game: here You can access the server at nc 12349 Nothing ridiculously simple here, the solution’s obviously in the code… here’s the code that was provided: #! /usr/bin/env python3 from sys import exit from secret import secret_value_for_password, flag, exec print(r"") print(r"") print(r" ____ __ __ ____ __ __ ") print(r" / ___|__ _ _ _\ \ / /__ _ _ / ___|_ _ ___ ___ ___| \/ | ___ ") print(r"| | / _` | '_ \ V / _ \| | | | | _| | | |/ _ \/ __/ __| |\/| |/ _ \ ") print(r"| |__| (_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | |_| | |_| | __/\__ \__ \ | | | __/ ") print(r" \____\__,_|_| |_|_|\___/ \__,_|\____|\__,_|\___||___/___/_| |_|\___| ") print(r" ") print(r"") print(r"") try: val = 0 inp = input("Input value: ") count_digits = len(set(inp)) if count_digits <= 10: # Make sure it is a number val = eval(inp) else: raise if val == secret_value_for_password: print(flag) else: print("Nope. [Read More]

Crikeycon 2019 CTF - 1000 Qways to DieR

This was the challenge: The flag is contained in the following attached file. You know how QR codes work right? Flag is in format “word”. (So no flag bit on this one) Challenge by Garry. Attached was a 1.2MB, 20,000 line file which looked like this: I’ve been around a while and the =’s at the end of the lines made me think of base64, so I copied it out into CyberChef and got my first indication I was on the right path: [Read More]

Virtualbox Host Key Commands

I couldn’t find an easy list when I went looking for these, so I made a list. Key Combination Command Host + R Reset Host + Q Close VM Host + S Settings Host + T Snapshot Host + N Session Information Host + P Pause Host + H ACPI Shutdown View Window Key Combination Command Host + F Fullscreen Host + L Seamless mode Host + C Scaled mode Host + A Adjust Window Size Host + E Take Screenshot Keyboard Key Combination Command Host + End Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete Host + Backspace Send Ctrl-Alt-Backspace [Read More]

Whois for Stackstorm

I’ve been playing around with stackstorm for a little while now, and wanted to get back into it after a bit of distraction on other things. The idea of automating a lot of my daily repetetive tasks really appeals to me, so I started work on another module today. The end result of today’s head-desking was st2-whois, a pack that does basic whois calls and saves me from having to find the website that works just right for it, or open a shell from a box with the right access. [Read More]