The ultimate cause of our failure was a simple one: despite all statements to the contrary, it was not due to lack of bravery on the part of our men, or to any fault of the Fleet’s. We were defeated by one thing only - by the inferior science of our enemies. I repeat - by the inferior science of our enemies. Superiority, by Arthur C. Clarke. What a spectacularly subtle reminder about technology and its proponents. [Read More]

Rands Information Practices

You will have a strong negative and opinionated reaction to at least one or more of these bullets. Your strong negative and opinionated reactions are a clear sign you care about how you spend your time, so keep reading even if you’re mad. Rands provides some fantastic tips for saving yourself from yourself. One day I’ll get down to under 100 browser tabs. One day. [Read More]

Kubrick on 2001's Ending

Kottke’s summary of Kubrick’s commentary around 2001’s ending puts it better than I could myself, understandably. I’ve only seen the film twice, and I don’t think I’ve ever spent enough time thinking about it - but it really does deserve everything people feel about it. It’s weird, it’s fantastic, it’s epic and the pacing is glacial - but it’s amazing. You should watch it before reading the article, and I’d love to know what people think about the summary if they have. [Read More]

You Can't Do What Apple Does

What happened when Apple wanted to CNC machine a million MacBook bodies a year? They bought 10k CNC machines to do it. How about when they wanted to laser drill holes in MacBook Pros for the sleep light but only one company made a machine that could drill those 20 µm holes in aluminum? It bought the company that made the machines and took all the inventory. And that time when they needed batteries to fit into a tiny machined housing but no manufacturer was willing to make batteries so thin? [Read More]

Hitler's rise, it's Trump Time

It’s amazing to me that we’re looking to guidance from the survivors of the Nazis, so soon after as well. NY Book Review looks a few books from the past, and I’m just gobsmacked by the horrors that we’re seeing in “first world” countries of late. I just can’t process it. Liberal democracy has enjoyed much better days. Vladimir Putin has entrenched authoritarian rule and is firmly in charge of a resurgent Russia. [Read More]

House (hous)

n. pl. hous·es (hou′zĭz, -sĭz) A place to store all one’s unfinished projects. [Read More]

Aquamation and fools

More from the “I don’t want to do it, so I’ll ruin it for those that do” camp. “Aquamation,” a greener form of body disposal, is gaining acceptance in America. But some powerful groups are fighting to stop it. … When their aquamation legalization bill came to the floor of the state House of Representatives, however, it was derailed by a gruesome speech by a lawmaker who also happened to be a casket-maker. [Read More]

Unnecessary Things

I love removing unnecessary things from the data centre… old hardware, bad configurations and so forth, but today’s was pretty good. It was a patch that … just shouldn’t have been. At one end, an F5. The DB9 failover port to be exact. Then a Cisco “blue console cable”, two intermediary infrastructure patch panels… And then at the other end, the ethernet port of an APC PDU. Wonders will truly never cease. [Read More]

Dancing in Movies

Get this into your earballs and eyeholes, it’s a lot of fun. The full list of movies is spectacular. via kottke [Read More]

Amazing Mt Fuji Photos

Japan is one of the countries highest on my list for places to visit, and next year I hope to spend some time there - until then I’ll just have to console myself with marvelling at these beautiful photos of Mount Fuji at Dawn These photos of Japan’s Mount Fuji capture the majesty and quiet beauty of the iconic sight. Shot by Japanese photographer Takashi Nakazawa, these monochromatic scenes capture the quiet, clear hours around the mountain before the sun is fully risen. [Read More]