House (hous)

n. pl. hous·es (hou′zĭz, -sĭz) A place to store all one’s unfinished projects. [Read More]

Aquamation and fools

More from the “I don’t want to do it, so I’ll ruin it for those that do” camp. “Aquamation,” a greener form of body disposal, is gaining acceptance in America. But some powerful groups are fighting to stop it. … When their aquamation legalization bill came to the floor of the state House of Representatives, however, it was derailed by a gruesome speech by a lawmaker who also happened to be a casket-maker. [Read More]

Unnecessary Things

I love removing unnecessary things from the data centre… old hardware, bad configurations and so forth, but today’s was pretty good. It was a patch that … just shouldn’t have been. At one end, an F5. The DB9 failover port to be exact. Then a Cisco “blue console cable”, two intermediary infrastructure patch panels… And then at the other end, the ethernet port of an APC PDU. Wonders will truly never cease. [Read More]

Dancing in Movies

Get this into your earballs and eyeholes, it’s a lot of fun. The full list of movies is spectacular. via kottke [Read More]

Amazing Mt Fuji Photos

Japan is one of the countries highest on my list for places to visit, and next year I hope to spend some time there - until then I’ll just have to console myself with marvelling at these beautiful photos of Mount Fuji at Dawn These photos of Japan’s Mount Fuji capture the majesty and quiet beauty of the iconic sight. Shot by Japanese photographer Takashi Nakazawa, these monochromatic scenes capture the quiet, clear hours around the mountain before the sun is fully risen. [Read More]

Extremely Short Books for Lazy People

Illustrator John Atkinson has been working hard lately to help you save a lot of time. Thanks to his latest creation you can now read ultra-condensed classic books! John Atkinson’s blog is a true cavalcade of hilarity! [Read More]

Mister Rogers' "Freddish"

More and more I realise I missed out on the spectactularly wonderful influence of Mister Rogers growing up. Then again, I’m still happy I grew up in the 80’s, before the TV was truly infested with TellyTubbies and Woogie Poogies or whatever shite they’re spraying over the airwaves these days. Maxwell King, the former director of the Fred Rogers Center and author of the forthcoming book The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers, shared an excerpt of the book with The Atlantic about how much attention Rogers paid to how children would hear the language on the show. [Read More]

Flat Earthers and the Internet

Another wonderful summary of a few recent posts and thoughts by Jason Kottke Another way to put this is that all the people who bought those News of the World-style magazines from the grocery checkout — UFO sightings! Elvis lives! NASA faked the Moon landing! new treatment lets you live 200 years! etc.! — were able to find each other, organize, and mobilize because of the internet. And then they decided to elect one of themselves President. [Read More]

On Swift

I’m glad I’m not the only one, this article by Dominik Wagner on Swift puts it better than I’ve ever been able to articulate to myself. Swift actively distracts me in that endeavor by making me answer questions I really don’t want to answer right now. Yes, stuff might be less correct in the meantime, but heck that is what I want during the design phase. Find my concept, sweet spot, iterate, pivot quickly. [Read More]

Zach on time

Time formats are a fantastic way to find bugs in your code or even your view of the world. Zach Holman has a great post/rant/talk here about time entitled “UTC is enough for everyone… right?. It turns out humans have had a long, long history of poorly dealing with time, so when you hammer your head against the wall trying to deal with a timezone bug, well, you’re just the last in a long, long line of human beings that are terrible at all this! [Read More]